Friday, October 29, 2010

wayne will miss the derby against manchester city..!!

sir alex confirmed today that wayne rooney will not be back to 100% percent fitness before 10th of november and hence will miss the derby against city.rooney suffered an ankle injury while training with united on 18th november.
earlier rooney told the press that he is willing enough to return to fitness soon and play in derby against city.but sir alex revealed that his injury may took longer than three weeks and hence he will not make the first team squad on 10th november.
though we all wanted rooney to play the derby but united fans you must not be dissapointed as hernandez current form is certainly a boost for united's frontline and his growing chemistry with the team will certainly be beneficial in the derby.
sir alex also revealed that ryan giggs is returning to fitness and will feature in united's squad on 10th city fans beware,though we are not at our best but still we are strong enough to tear you apart in you own backyard..GGMU!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

rooney number 10 era continues at old trafford,signs a new five year contract..GGMU and WAYNE ROONEY and rule the world again!!!

football news of the year,wayne rooney signs a new five year contract with manutd which keeps him at old trafford till 2015.from real madrid to chelsea,who all dreamt of bringing rooney to their club after last week's saga,their dreams are shattered.sir alex and wayne rooney are delighted to after coming to a mutual agreement.rooney said its the world's greatest manager will to be the best and love of fans which motivated him to pen down a new deal.rooney clarified that he just wanted to make sure that club is stil
powerful enough to sign best players in the world and win more trophies.
these words are surely an indication that something big and great will soon happen at united.sir alex expressed his thoughts and said its very good that rooney agreed to the contract.rooney also said that he is ready to re-build the bond with manager and the fans and lead united to more success.he also apologised to fans for the statements he made over the past few weeks,but justified himself too by saying that his thoughts and views were important to prevent his career. football legends too are thrilled with rooney's wise decision to stay at united.chelsea manager ancelloti and real's manager mourinho praised sir alex fergusson after he was successful in keeping his club's best player at old trafford.
so critics stop barking and see how united climbs up the table with newer,fresher and fitter wayne rooney.the era will surely begin again,the heart of united attack is back and ready to rule the world again.the world will watch united and rooney rule again,thanks to god that he heard our prayers.all hail rooney,all hail manutd.i am 100% sure rooney will score soon and after scoring he will certainly kiss united's crest on his no.10 shirt.GGMU.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

kiko macheda,bebe,obertan,hernandez all were present in united's squad against bursaspor...has ferguson kicked off search for rooney's substitute??

kiko macheda started in united's starting eleven in side's champions's league clash against the turkish giants,while strikers like berbatov,bebe,hernandez and emerging winger obertan all waited on the bench to get their chance.the maestro-rooney missed out due to an ankle injury.
even bebe was first time in first team squad this season.what could be the reason to bring him into the squad so early n suddenly,is sir alex is on search of rooney's substitute.
wayne lately has announced too that he wants to leave manchester united and has decided not to extend his contract at old certainly sir alex is on search of  united's new number 10.will he find it in his squad.will it be macheda,who is developing well at united,or hernandez who has impressed eveyone with his performance this year for mexico and united or bebe,the young portugese sensation or will he has to spend some millions to fetch a striker capable of taking rooney's place.
its not that eazy to become wayne.there is only one wayne rooney in this world and he is certainly the best.well manutd fans u need to scratch ur head now as ur biggest player is going to leave the club soon.well we can keep on guessing the future transfer saga but one thing is for sure,it would be intresting to see which club has maximum to offer to manchester united to fetch wayne away from old trafford.will wayne become the most expensive player in the world.well,time will tell,we rooney fans will keep our fingers crossed as always.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

why wayne rooney wants to leave manchester united?

sir alex in an interview to mutv today told that wayne rooney wants to leave united.wayne's agent and wayne himself said that he dont want to sign a new contract with manutd.what could be the of the following certainly:
1.he is not loving his life in england after the problems and clashes he has faced recently after a prostitute claimed he slept with her.
2.he wants to play with the big and worlds best players in spain and is attracted by life there.
3.his recent clashes with sir alex fergusson may push him out of the club.
4.he is frustated of criticims he is facing daily and may desire to start a new life outside england. can always be the reason as when rooney will be available for being grabbed in transfer market,the biggest clubs will fight out to sign him.
6.his personal life is killing him and he wants to come out of pressures he his facing lately.
well we can only guess.only wayne knows whats going on in his mind.we can only pray that he remains at the best club in the world.i.e his present club-manchester united and lead united to more success.

Monday, October 18, 2010

wayne rooney-former manchester united player???

the media around is shouting loud that wayne rooney will quit manchester united when transfer window re-opens in january.the reason they are giving to support this statement is wayne's current form and conflict with sir alex fergusson.
wayne started on bench tis saturday which certainly added fire to the statement.but we all united fans still love wayne rooney and want him to stay with us for ever and ever.and humours are there to be spread.
hope he returns to his best soon and rules the world again.many world class managers have backed him to return bck better than the best and so do we.all hail manchester united..all hale wayne rooney.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

f**k off critics..rooney is certainly the heart of england!!

THE WHITE PEPE again prooves his worth.rooney and england dominated the whole match last night against swiss in euro2012 qualifier.From 1st minute rooney looked dangerous.england dominated the possession with walcott,defoe,gerrard,milner,barry all were looking in good form.
what was worry for england was back two defenders but lescott and jageilka were handling their job it was completely diffrent and confident england.
although it could have been three to four goals in first half itself but due toh mishit shots by defoe at first half the two sides were seperated by only 1 wayne rooney goal,who did excellent to get free from marker and dragged the ball into goal from glen johnson's cross.
injury woes continued for england as walcott injured his ankle in first half itself and then was substituted by adam johnson,who is certainly the rising star of england.also defoe who injured himself in second half
their were three more goals in second half,not only by england also one by swiss too.adam johnson scored in this match too after having a great match,also darren bant who came as a substitute for defoe scored his first three lions goal as well.overall it was a great match for england as it ended with a final score of 3-1.finally rooney had something to cheer after tension and problems which he is facing off the field.but we all know rooney is certainly the best

Sunday, September 5, 2010

euro qualifiers-rooney prooves his worth again!!!

england faced bulgaria last night in opening match of euro 2012 qualifiers.fabio capello started rooney behind defoe..and again rooney started showing his class from very first the third minute itself,from left central midfield rooney's ball found ashley cole inside the box and his pass found defoe,who opened the scoring for goal.rooney was playing just in front of two central midfielders n behind defoe.he showed in class in that position too.he was granted the licence to move freely by the capello.first half ended 1-0.

certainly england wanted more goals,and with england defoe looked more greedy.and england certainly scored three more goals.and most importantly all three assists were provided by white pepe.adam johnson too proved his worth by scoring from a rooney's pass after coming on as a substitute for theo walcott.defoe completed his hattrick as well.

fabio and defoe both praised and admired rooney's class in post match interview.fabio said he experimented somthing diffrent today with rooney and he showed his class in that position as well.beware clubs he his just a step away from his best.

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