Thursday, October 21, 2010

kiko macheda,bebe,obertan,hernandez all were present in united's squad against bursaspor...has ferguson kicked off search for rooney's substitute??

kiko macheda started in united's starting eleven in side's champions's league clash against the turkish giants,while strikers like berbatov,bebe,hernandez and emerging winger obertan all waited on the bench to get their chance.the maestro-rooney missed out due to an ankle injury.
even bebe was first time in first team squad this season.what could be the reason to bring him into the squad so early n suddenly,is sir alex is on search of rooney's substitute.
wayne lately has announced too that he wants to leave manchester united and has decided not to extend his contract at old certainly sir alex is on search of  united's new number 10.will he find it in his squad.will it be macheda,who is developing well at united,or hernandez who has impressed eveyone with his performance this year for mexico and united or bebe,the young portugese sensation or will he has to spend some millions to fetch a striker capable of taking rooney's place.
its not that eazy to become wayne.there is only one wayne rooney in this world and he is certainly the best.well manutd fans u need to scratch ur head now as ur biggest player is going to leave the club soon.well we can keep on guessing the future transfer saga but one thing is for sure,it would be intresting to see which club has maximum to offer to manchester united to fetch wayne away from old trafford.will wayne become the most expensive player in the world.well,time will tell,we rooney fans will keep our fingers crossed as always.

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