Tuesday, October 19, 2010

why wayne rooney wants to leave manchester united?

sir alex in an interview to mutv today told that wayne rooney wants to leave united.wayne's agent and wayne himself said that he dont want to sign a new contract with manutd.what could be the reason.one of the following certainly:
1.he is not loving his life in england after the problems and clashes he has faced recently after a prostitute claimed he slept with her.
2.he wants to play with the big and worlds best players in spain and is attracted by life there.
3.his recent clashes with sir alex fergusson may push him out of the club.
4.he is frustated of criticims he is facing daily and may desire to start a new life outside england.
5.money can always be the reason as when rooney will be available for being grabbed in transfer market,the biggest clubs will fight out to sign him.
6.his personal life is killing him and he wants to come out of pressures he his facing lately.
well we can only guess.only wayne knows whats going on in his mind.we can only pray that he remains at the best club in the world.i.e his present club-manchester united and lead united to more success.

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