Tuesday, August 17, 2010

will he return to his best?

wayne rooney started the game for united last night,but looked far away from his best and the scoring touch which he showed last season.although he was looking desperate to make the goal chart,but could'nt do that in 60 minutes which he got to proove that he is still the best striker in premier league.he tried shots many times on goal but all were off target.
it was the first time wayne seemed as if he was playing under some pressure,although he had some decent touches in the game,one of them was a perfect flick to berbatov which left him one on one with the keeper but the number 9 missed.
but this is not we accept from rooney,we want him to scores for us as he did last season.the maestro has'nt scored since march.wish he scores soon keeping aside all injury woes.
well we united fans and sir alex still have full faith in him,and we all believe wayne rooney will certainly return to his best.

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